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Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil August 29-31, 2007
A major goal of computational molecular biology is to develop information processing or algorithmic accounts of biological questions such as: How is information encoded, stored, decoded, and used in biological systems? What sequence regularities (if any) are predictive of protein function? How can we precisely characterize the syntax (grammar) and semantics (meaning) of macromolecular sequences? How do hundreds of genes interact over time to orchestrate specific biological processes of interest?

Research in computational biology requires the development of sophisticated algorithms, software tools for data storage and retrieval, data integration, information extraction, exploratory data analysis and discovery (through data mining and data visualization), experiment design, using heterogeneous biological data sources, databases, knowledge bases, and ontologies. Design and development of such tools is a major goal of bioinformatics or computational biology.

"Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics" is the new name for the Brazilian Workshop on Bioinformatics (WOB). Previous editions of WOB were in 2002 (Gramado, RS), 2003 (Macae, RJ), and 2004 (Brasilia, DF). The first edition of BSB was on 2005 (São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul). The proceedings of BSB2005 were published on a special issue of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics. Selected articles were published on a special issue of the journal "Computers in Biology and Medicine" (Elsevier) dedicated to BSB2005. BSB is an event promoted by the SBC (Brazilian Computing Society) and its special committee for Computational Biology (CEBioComp).

BSB 2007 will Co-located with IWGD 2007 and be the meeting place for researchers and practitioners from industry and academia. Researchers and practitioners throughout Latin America are strongly encouraged to participate.

This multidisciplinary symposium provides a general forum for presentation and discussion of original research on computational biology, bioinformatics, and applications. BSB 2007 would like to attract contributions from academic and industrial researchers, both in the exact sciences (computer science, mathematics and statistics) and in the life sciences (molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, medicine, microbiology and others).

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Molecular Sequence Analysis, Motifs, and Pattern Matching
  • Biological Databases, Data Management, Data Integration, and DataMining
  • Structural and Functional Genomics
  • Comparative Genomics
  • Protein Structure and Modeling
  • Gene Identification, Regulation and Expression
  • Gene Networks
  • Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics
  • Computational Systems Biology
  • Computational Proteomics
  • Statistical Analysis of Molecular Sequences
  • Algorithms for problems in computational biology
  • Applications on molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, medicine, microbiology and others.

BSB 2007 accepts two kinds of contributions: full papers or extended abstracts, on two tracks: computational biology and bioinformatics, and applications. Full papers can have up to 12 pages; extended abstracts can have at most 4 pages. Accepted full papers are presented orally during the symposium in 25-minute presentations while extended abstract authors present their work in 10-minute presentations.

Submissions are now closed and event is over.